Virtual Mental health Counseling services for individuals & couples. 

Psychiatric Evaluations for individuals in mental health crisis

Our Virtual Office

Teletherapy or video counseling is therapy facilitated through a live video web application. Clients can get the same type of counseling they could receive in person, it’s just done through your cellphone or computer! If you’ve ever used Skype or FaceTime, you’ve used the same type of technology teletherapy uses.  We use HIPPA compliant web application platforms to ensure that our communications are confidential.  


FREE 30 minute initial consultation for new clients!

Individual Therapy

We offer individualized client centered treatment plans to address your specific treatment goals

Couples/Group Therapy

We offer couples and small group therapy sessions that include individualized treatment plans for each client that supports the group treatment goals

Crisis Services

We offer psychiatric assessments to determine the level of care needed for individuals experiencing mental health crisis.

Why should you choose Our Clinic?

So many reasons to choose from

No Commuting

Teletherapy allows clients the convenience of avoiding traffic and missing appointments due to transportation issues or limited time constraints.


Teletherapy allows clients from all walks of life to avoid recognition from the public. Teletherapy also allows individuals in small communities to receive services from providers outside of the community without traveling.

Client Centered Approach

We offer client centered individualized treatment plans to address your counseling needs and meet your treatment goals. Couples/group treatment plans also include individual treatment goals for each client.

Flexible appointments

Individual & Couples Counseling Services

We offer FREE 30 min initial consultation for new clients!


We are currently in the process of becoming credientialed with several insurance providers. We currently accept Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and private pay.

Service Areas

We currently service the entire state of Texas!

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